Successful collaboration from production to operation

Successful collaboration from production to operation

In the run-up to the upcoming album, we enjoyed working on two single releases by Rosa Butsi. Her following rose to 50,000 monthly listeners on Spotify; a strong foundation.

Rosa Butsi has released 2 songs to promote the upcoming album. Both songs resonate in impact-packed playlists, and it can't be a coincidence that music is featured in Acoustic Winter on various streaming services. The Marigold ballad was released in Dolby Atmos on Apple Music. She also recorded a wonderful 27 Tapes session for the songs Magenta & Marigold.

Achieved results

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    In the run-up to the new album, Rosa Butsi released 2 songs that we worked on with care. Through thorough activation, advertisement, and the right content (27 Tapes) the story is well conveyed.

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    Press & Radio

    Rosa Butsi has a strong live reputation and is well represented on DSPs. From this basis, her releases in the periphery have been well picked up. She was labeled One to Watch by the influential Belpop.

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    Partly due to the right strategy, and the optimization of the base. But above all because of good songs, the singles ended up in matching lists. The music resonates in the right context.

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    By collaborating with Moon Music Studios, we can carefully anticipate the creative boundaries of the project. The production and timing of the songs are perfectly matched to the intended purpose.


"Both singles, Magenta and Marigold, will be on the album in a different form."

Roos Denaayer

Rosa Butsi

Rosa Butsi in de studio