Sophie debuts with first singles in Dutch

Sophie debuts with first singles in Dutch

With 4 singles, Sophie has laid the foundation for what is to come. A beautiful in-house production where there is a lot to discover. In the meantime, a 27 Tapes session has been recorded and several songs are in playlists.

Sophie writes beautiful pop songs in perfect production. She debuted with the emotional 'We Plukken De Dag' in the spring of 2022 and in collaboration with Polymoon, the policy is laying a foundation for the upcoming releases. The current singles have already reached thousands of people and with the trust of streaming services, she was already in playlists such as Equal, Mooi Nederlands, Made in NL, Zij / Haar, and Acoustic Chill.

Achieved results

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    With Sophie, we are involved from creation to exploitation. This approach allows us to anticipate the market and slowly lay the foundation for the releases.

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    In collaboration with 27 Tapes, an official video was recorded. Content that has been essential for online exposure. The studio provides a foundation for the writing process.

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    Step by step we hope to reach more people and convey the beauty of these songs. Thanks to the continuous support of streaming services, Sophie's music reaches further and further.

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    Thanks to the collaboration with the Studio, we can carefully anticipate the creative boundaries of the project. The production and timing of the songs perfectly matched the goal.


"De samenwerking met Polymoon is als een extra bandlid"

Sophie van Schaick


Sophie in de Studio