Mina Amare

Mina Amare, a multifaceted artist who was born and raised in the Netherlands, is always examining his creative identity. He embraces the unknown and is willing to experiment with unique playing styles in order to express his tale rather than categorizing himself.

He built a respectable reputation by winning numerous awards throughout his career. He experiments with minimal solo piano in a new era with Mina Amare. His compositions have a hint of tranquility and peace. His serene, gentle piano playing deftly captures nuanced emotions. Amare ensures that his recordings are as personal as possible and allow the listener access to any repressed emotions they may have by making adjustments to both his instrument and recording methods. As he genuinely views the piano as a tool for self-expression, he prefers to situate his style somewhere between meditative and classical crossover.


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Fourths at Télès Music Sessions

Brno at Télès Music Sessions

Droplets at Télès Music Sessions

The Last One at Télès Music Sessions

Naves at Télès Music Sessions

His serene, gentle piano playing deftly captures nuanced emotions.

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A piece by Mina Amare has been added to the playlist Piano Chill on Apple Music. 'Fourth' has taken the tenth place in the playlist. Later on in the playlist 'The Last One' also makes an appearance.