Guy van Nueten

Pianist, composer, and producer Guy Van Nueten (born 1965) is a jack of all trades. He effortlessly switches from neoclassical and ambient to electronic music and indie pop. Anyone who writes music for films, dance performances, and theater, as well as chamber, choral, and piano music, has the right to call himself a versatile artist.

Guy Van Nueten's compositions are influenced by Bach, minimal music, pop music, and Krautrock. They combine a sense of lyricism and humor with an unstoppable drive for purity. His often cinematic music (Night Has Come) is timeless, introspective, and emotionally charged (Boudewijn), rooted in classical yet modern (Afterplay), oscillating between drama and romance (The Reveal). It breathes a love for tranquility and nature (Maurice, Nachtwandeling), quietness and sadness (Divina Commedia), melancholy and gloom (Dark). At times, acoustic and electronic elements are intertwined in a sublime manner (Transformation 2020). On stage, at the grand piano, Van Nueten is a gifted performer, introducing his heartfelt, expressive pieces with dry humor. His fluid piano playing, at times introspective and fragile, at other times intense and raw, grabs you from the very first note and doesn't let go. As the performance progresses, the distance between the artist and the audience seems to shrink, until the music inevitably gets under everyone's skin and the intimacy becomes almost palpable. Van Nueten's latest album is called 'Decent Music' (2024). It is an impressive anthology that spans two decades of commissioned music and contains fifteen captivating compositions, ranging from passionate piano pieces (Schubert's Pianotrio Op. 100) to intriguing soundscapes (Repelsteeltje, The Parasite 2022), interspersed with a touch of choral singing (Diabo do Belho) and a playful tribute to Kraftwerk (Chairdance). The unique blend of classical and contemporary influences results in an eclectic masterpiece that, in all its diversity, forms an organic whole.